"Timelord Victorius" - Soundtrack Saturday


Doctor Who might be a family orientated show with a lot of light moments, but occassionaly the show can go dark.

During the Tenth Doctor's run, The Doctor has a moment where he thinks he is a god. He thinks he is far superioir to every other being in the universe. This is also the moment, when the Tenth Doctor believes he has lived too long, and that his run should come to an end. I consider this moment to be one of the darkest moments in Doctor Who.

This musical piece just creates the perfect setting for this moment, and it expresses it perfectly.


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Comments (17)

  1. scarletts_letters

    The thing that’s interesting about that to me is that its a very human thing to feel that, I actually think its something we have evolved, the need for absolute power and the idea that a man can be a god, and sorry its a male thing, as far as I’ve experienced. Haunting track, I agree.

    August 15, 2015
    1. Bloodlust-Prince

      Lmao! I have no urge to be a god… Curse my feminine side then, lol. I think Murray Gold is the Zimmerman of television.

      August 16, 2015
      1. scarletts_letters

        Dude, you are a catch, I’ve been with more men than the Doctor has had – well anything really. You just need confidence, confidence being the sexiest thing. I loled at Zimmer

        August 16, 2015
        1. Bloodlust-Prince

          Not the black people killing Zimmerman!

          August 17, 2015
          1. scarletts_letters

            Black people are funny

            August 18, 2015
            1. Bloodlust-Prince


              August 18, 2015
            2. scarletts_letters

              Unless they are late with the tea and bikkies, then they are just annoying.

              August 22, 2015
            3. Bloodlust-Prince


              August 23, 2015
            4. scarletts_letters

              Slang for biscuits – the yanks call them cookies.

              August 24, 2015
            5. Bloodlust-Prince

              Aaaah! Makes sense. We just call them biscuits because we’re too lazy to come up with a creative name for them.

              August 24, 2015
            6. scarletts_letters

              There is a cute route to take with aussie slang, obviously a big burly bloke isn’t going to go to a store and ask for Bikkies

              August 24, 2015
            7. Bloodlust-Prince

              I totally would though! Yet again, I am not a big burly bloke. lol.

              August 25, 2015
            8. scarletts_letters

              They tend not to be as much fun either

              August 25, 2015
            9. Bloodlust-Prince

              But they can show you how strong they are by picking heavy stuff? That is fun right?

              August 26, 2015
            10. scarletts_letters

              If I could compare it, it’s like a chick with a nice arse bending over in front of a guy, its not substance, nor is it that hot if you are not a perv, it can be embarrassing or make you think – wanker – as well.

              August 27, 2015
            11. Bloodlust-Prince

              True, true.

              August 27, 2015
  2. olivertwopeny

    Its looks pretty interesting to me because I like these types of show. I want to see that doctor so bad who has done so much for the best essay writers services and for the humans. But why he turns into darkness I feel bad for that he should be more positive.

    August 13, 2016