My Favourite Horror Movies


Since I lack the creativity, originality and any form of fun ideas to write about; I have decided to copy Scarlett and share my top ten favourite horror films.



Since I was knee height to a Parktown Prawn, I loved horror movies. They seemed to have pleased some primal urge and would make me paranoid of every little sound in the house. A good horror movie has the ability to manipulate you into a shivering pile of mess.



These days, I have become harder to please when it comes to horrors. I know most of the clichés and plots within the first five minutes in most horror movies these days.



Anyways, enough blab blab . Let’s just get this list started.



Quick note: Numbering doesn’t determine how much I like it, I am simply putting this list down as it comes to my head.




1.       Let The Right One In / Let Me In




I am not a big fan of vampire movies and the Twilight series put the nail through the coffin (pardon the pun) when it comes to them, but these movies surprised me. They are both the same movie, just different versions. Let Me In is the American while Let The right One is the European. This movie is basically about a loner boy falling in love with a girl that happens to be a vampire, but unlike Twilight, this was a proper movie. Even though you know she is a vile creature, you still end up rooting for her and the boy. I also found the ending to be quite disturbing; especially when  you begin to think about it.



2.       28 Days Later




28 Days Later has pretty much ruined most zombie movies for me since I always end up comparing and becoming disappointed. 28 Days Later is pretty much a post-apocalyptic low budget zombie movie set in London. Not only did 28 Days Later bring back the zombie genre  back to life (insert audience laugh track here) but it made critics and the general audience realize zombie movies can be for intelligent people too. It is a beautifully shot film with some of my favourite post apocalyptic shots ever and it makes a commentary on religion, government  and even humanity. I consider this to be the greatest zombie movie of all time, and if it wasn’t for 28 Days Later, you wouldn’t have the Walking Dead and all those other zombie related media.



3.       Tucker and Dale vs. Evil



I wanted to avoid placing a comedic horror movie in this list since I believe this sub-genre deserves a list of its’ own, but I decided to share this one because not only is it my favourite, but I think it deserves way more recognition  and love than it originally received. The general plot of this film is that these two redneck and a group of college students are in the woods; but it is the college kids that do the killing. This movie was so much fun to watch and the characters of Tucker and Dale are genuinely so loveable. I found this movie so likeable. It also has these genius moments where it twists the cliché slasher horror movie moments and makes fun of it.



4.       Silent Hill


There are two horror games that I love dearly; that is Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2. When I heard they were making a Western horror movie out of them; I was skeptical. It is safe to say I love the first Silent Hill film. Not only did it capture the creepy atmosphere and gorey creatures perfectly, but it kept to plot as much as a movie can. It was a good stand alone horror movie. Yes, it has cheap acting now and then, but I just love this film so much. Sadly, the same can’t be said about the pile of shit they called a sequel to it.



5.       The Babadook



Scarlet is a bad Australian for not sharing this one. This movie was pure horror genius! This movie basically tells this story of a recently widowed mother trying to look after her annoying as fuck son. She soons discovers a creepy children’s book that she reads to her son; and the horror begins. This movie was not only a good horror movie, but it was a beautiful character piece too. For me, this is what a good horror movie should be like.





6.       The Blair Witch Project



Now I am probably going to lose a lot of people at this point, but here me out. When I originally watched the Blair Witch Project at the tender age of 10, I knew it was all fake. The thing that I love most about this movie is that it uses this creepy atmosphere that it slowly builds around these characters to deliver the scares. This movie is the best way to educate a director on how to use an environment to tell a story. I recently watched it again and I still found myself getting tense, it is that good!



7.       Paranormal Activity


As much as I hate this franchise, I honestly think the first one was horror genius. The scares in this movie were so unpredictable and delivered so well. It also used its environment to its full potential. Too bad the rest of the franchise was crap.



8.       The Ring


This movie is one of the few cases where I prefer the Western version to the Japanese version. This movie is a horror classic; whether you like it or not. Apart from being beautifully shot, the scare in this movie are earned . This movie genuinely haunted my dreams as a kid.



9.       13 Ghosts



This is a horror movie a lot of people considered to be bad and it has become one of those forgotten movies. Granted, this movie isn’t great but for some weird reason I love the shit out of this movie. I find the imagery and make-up effects of the ghosts to be scary and I actually enjoyed its weird ass plot. I also loved how you were required to wear special glasses to see the ghosts. The Jackal still terrifies me to this day.





10.       Alien



There is a reason why “In space nobody can hear you scream” has become famous. I love Alien, like a lot. Apart from the fantastic set and monster design, it was also just genuinely terrifying. The movie was so claustrophobic and Ripley was such a badass.



That was my shitty attempt at a list of my favourite horror movies. Weirdly enough, this list was quite challenging to make. There might be a lot of shitty attempts at horror movies out there but there are genuinely a lot of fantastic ones too. So it was hard to choose.



So until my next post…





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Comments (9)

  1. pets

    cool movies I seen them all

    November 17, 2016
  2. scarletts_letters

    1. Yes the end is very disturbing – it more or less says she’s very old and she is grooming her mates from pre-teens, mind you I think who men date and marry girls 10+ years younger are doing the same thing. I know of this guy who is in his mid 30’s he married a girl who is 19 – they started dating when she was 14 and he was 31, that’d be like me dating a 13 year old – eew frikin eew!

    2. 28 days is awesome – and weeks is pretty cool too, it’s an English production isn’t it?

    3. oh-god-no!

    4. Never seen it – I best get to downloading!

    5. I don’t really like the Babadook, I am not sure why, there is a look about it that reminds me of our local BBC-like TV station the ABC – so I was lukewarm on it, plenty seem to love it though.

    6. The Post started off as a 21st century – then became recent films thing, I feel the same about the Blair Witch, people tell me I’m a lightweight for being spooked by it, but those reality things get to me.

    7. Similar with Paranormal, but I didn’t like them that much, I think if you cut the series together they’d have made a great movie but the first one was a bit on the slow side for me.

    8. The ring is a definite miss, I forgot about that, gah! Scared the pants off me, ok I wasn’t wearing them at the time but it did make me creeped out enough to put some on!

    9. Not sure if I’ve seen it, I’ll have to revisit that one.

    10. Aliens! Best film eva! But it’s sci-fi, really old and I forgot, how awesome is this film! And 300 years of remakes and they haven’t been able to make a decent one other than Aliens – and I thought Prometheus was ok, not hot but ok.

    Good job, especially finding trailers, I was way too lazy for that.

    November 18, 2016
    1. Bloodlust-Prince

      1.eeew. No oways. That is weird. Reminds of my cousin… who was 12 and got impregnated by a 22 year old…
      2. 28 Weeks Later was awesome. I also used to have a massive crush on the main girl in it. Indeed it is.
      3. Pffft! Your loss.
      4. Yaaaas!
      5. But it was so good???
      6. I couldn’t be bothered about era. I am too lazy for that shit. Same here! I try to imagine if it was real.
      8. Bad Scarlett! She creeped me out too.
      9. It is quite obscure.
      10. It is sci-fi horror, hah!

      I had to find a way not to seem like a blatant copycat, hah!

      Sorry for all the “hah ’s”.I watched Blackadder again recently…

      November 19, 2016
      1. scarletts_letters

        1. Ahhhhh! God that’s gross, you can’t really blame the girl she’s a kid – the 22 year old though he should be in jail.
        2. She was pretty hot
        3. Maybe I was too high to appreciate it’s visual poetry :P
        4. Its on my list now.
        5. Good but I’m still not putting it on my list!
        6. I had to put limits on it or the list would have been top 100 and I’m too lazy for that! Its hard for me firstly I have to imagine things other than science exist!
        7. is missing.
        8. Grin.
        9. On my D/L list now too.
        10. Curses! I’ve been out genred!
        Ha! And its awesomeness is unlikely to ever be bested – I don’t like Mr Bean but Blackadder was hilarious.

        November 20, 2016
        1. Bloodlust-Prince

          1. I know right? But I live in a country where a girl is legally allowed to have an abortion at 12… Art 12 I was still playing with legos, not trying to get my dick wet… people these days…

          3. Could be. Drugs are bad m’kay?

          5. Pffft! Fine then.

          6. A top 100 list sounds so exhausting… Just this top 10 took like forever to type and think about.

          7. That is because I had nothing to adds on 7, lol

          10. Bad Scarlett!

          I have Blackadder on my “sleep” list. (I have shit running in the background to create noise or I ended up becoming anxious and paranoid when I try to sleep.)

          November 21, 2016
          1. scarletts_letters

            1. Anyone under 18 should always have that right, though the need for it is kind of sickening, I was snogging boys at 12 but only just, and it wasn’t the kind of snogging that should be called snogging it was more kissing for dares and suchnot.
            13. I couldn’t do a 100, I don’t have the attention span either.
            24. I almost always leave number 8 out of a list, I don’t know why, maybe I should do it before lunch – you know before I 8.
            124. Interesting I do a similar thing and have done for years, I play a series that I’ve watched lots of times if I can’t sleep.

            November 22, 2016
            1. Bloodlust-Prince

              1. Agreed, but yeah, it is disturbing that it exists. Kids should be kids, not having kids.
              13. Curse our millennial attention span!
              24. I snort laughed at that, I am a sucker for dry jokes and bad puns.
              124. Same here, it is quite relaxing. I can’t out anything new on because then I know it will keep me up because it will distract me, but old things that I know out of my head I have no problem with.
              10000000000000000000000. I am loving how you messed with the numbers. It gave me a good giggle.

              November 23, 2016
            2. scarletts_letters

              Yeah but it’s not good in maths – ’uh oops left that out, but I meant to put it in so can I have the mark anyway?"

              December 06, 2016
  3. shiansha

    Sleepy Hollow, Lightouts, Devil these movies all good horror

    January 27, 2017