Am I In Geek Heaven?

So it is Comic-con and that means a lot of geeky things get announced and revealed causing geeks all over the world to have extreme geekgasms!


Warner Brothers stole the con this year with all their announcements, making me one extremely happy geek.


Let's share my favourites...


1. King Kong is back!


2 years ago Godzilla returned to the silver screen with critical praise. It seems like King Kong will be following in the same footsteps witha modern take. I am not complaining because this might lead to the rumoured Godzilla Versus King Kong movie I have been hearing about. That is something I definitely want to see.


2. More Suicide Squad!!!


Last year at Comic-con they revealed the first footage for Suicide Squad and DC fans around the world where estatic. Now two weeks before the release of this film, they released the final trailer. It looks like it is going to be fun and I am looking forward to it. I just hope they didn't reveal too much.


3. Wonder Woman looks amazing!!!


When they announced they were going to make a Wonder Woman movie, I wasn't exactly keen. Never been much of a fan. Since then, I decided to get to know the character and I began to appreciate her. Then came along Batman V Superman and they introduced Wonder Woman to the cinema. Since then, I have been looking forward to her first solo movie, and boy does it look promising.They even kept her awesome ass theme song from Batman V Superman!


4. It is the freaking Justice League!!!!


When Disney announced they were going to make an Avengers movie so many years back, I began to imagine the day the Justice League would come to the silver screen. Well it is happening and it looks promising. I am excited as hell, but at the same time holding my expectations low since this is directed by Zack Snyder, the same person who brought us the disappointment that is Batman V Superman. This does look like it has the opposite tone of BvS, so here is hoping.


Thank you Warner Brothers and Comic Con for make my geekish dreams a reality.



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