A Lannister Always Pays Their Debt!

So recently an American tourist was killed by a lioness here in South Africa in a lion farm that isn't too far from me. It turns out she was an editor for Game of Thrones!

I know it is wrong and too soon, but I can't help but giggle at the situation a bit. If you watch Game of Thrones, you know the Sigel for the Lannisters is a lion... Oh the irony (kids, take note, this is actual irony)! She was killed by a Lannister plot! Damn Lannisters with their dirty schemes!

-insert a South African version of Rains of Castamere-


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Comments (6)

  1. killingtime

    I saw the lion story a while back & just kind of filed it in the back of my mind. It seems that in the last couple of years there have been more than several stories along the same line. Alligator bites arm off, etc & who could forget the video on U-Tube with the cheetah sitting on top of the car with an open roof? I’ve been thinking about those things & I guess that I have to agree that TV & movies probably do have a major effect of people. That’s because watching animals on TV has somehow gotten us to forget that they are wild animals & dangerous. Well either that or we are just becoming to stupid to survive. It’s like we are assuming that because we are the dominate animals on earth nothing can harm us. While that may be a great truth in the big picture, one on one humans aren’t that tough & we can become part of the food chain pretty damned quickly by being stupid. Something to think about next time your in the mood to swim with the sharks or some other “fun” thing to do.

    June 04, 2015
  2. scarletts_letters

    No, laugh, I did, still laughing, that’s funny, poetic even! Especially the title.

    June 05, 2015
    1. Bloodlust-Prince

      I was kicked out a geeky group on bookface because I shared the story and made the joke… idiots have no humour.

      June 05, 2015
      1. scarletts_letters

        True story? What pussies, its the stuff of legend it was just an editor its not as if anyone like Dani died, perspective people!

        June 05, 2015
        1. Bloodlust-Prince

          Yes, true story. Exactly! Lol.

          June 05, 2015
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    June 06, 2016